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Can a Single Mother Really Raise a Christian Son?

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.” 2 Tim 1:5


As a single mother of a teenage boy, I often worry about my son’s Christian life.  Will he always stay with the faith?  Will he do better with it than I did?  Will he turn to Jesus and truly trust Him?  Will He study God’s Word and pray often? 

Truly, over the past year or so, I have realized those questions are far more important than what college my son will attend.

My son does not have a father that raises him in the faith.  Don’t get me wrong, my son has a father that loves him – he is blessed that way.  But, I am the only one raising him in the Christian faith.

My son is saved – hallelujah!  But I want him to be so much more than saved.  I want him to live for the Lord!  So, as a single mother, can I do that?  Without a Christian man in the home for him to watch, and from which to learn, will he be ill-equipped to face the world as a Christian man?

Not according to God’s Word. Timothy was raised in the faith (Jewish, at that time) by his mother and grandmother.  It does not say that his mother was single, and with a little digging, I do not see any evidence to that, but it does say that it was his mother’s and grandmother’s teachings and sincerity of faith that helped Timothy get where he was.

The Bible said the faith lived in them, and therefore in Timothy.

So, how can the faith live in us?  Well, we must understand our faith by reading the Bible as often as possible. We need to then  “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” (Deut. 6:7)

Talk and talk and talk about it to our children!  Notice it does not say force it down their throats, but rather it seems to be saying that we should find any and every opportunity to share the Word of God with our children…through simple conversation. 

Have you ever watched a father and son working on a car?  If there is a good relationship, the father works and talks to his son…then allows his son to ask questions and try out a few things.  It is an easy, loving conversation.  More than anything, they are spending time together, but through the laid back conversation, the son is learning so much, about the car, and about the love from his dad.

In the same way, we can simply and lovingly talk with our sons.  Share, in every instance that we can, a meaningful conversation that allows for learning in the faith of Jesus Christ.  Did your son have a bad day?  Talk to him about how God wants him to cast his cares on Jesus.  Is he worried about a test?  Share with him the multitude of verses about worry and the love of God.

Then, most importantly, pray.  Pray with your son, pray for your son, pray about your son and how you parent him.  Ask the Lord to help you be both mother and father.  Ask the Lord to lead you and speak through you.  Pray continually for your son.

God wants us to share Him in a way that is loving…He says, in His word, not to yell it and be ugly about it, but rather share Him with gentleness and kindness.  Allow your son to see Jesus shine though you, and pray, because we know that really, it is not us, but Jesus, who will be with your son.

Are you a single mother raising a son or daughter?  How do you share your faith with him or her?  Did you raise a Christian man as a single mother?  Please share with us!

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