My “New” Garage Door!

garage door 1

Hey Guys!
If you want to really up your “curb appeal”, but you don’t have a ton of money to spend, you might want to try this garage door make-over.  I know it is a little expensive – around $250 total.  For me, that’s a lot of money.  I had been researching online for a while, so when my tax return came in, I was ready!
I had been looking at houses as I drove by, trying to figure out why I liked the look of one over another…then it hit me!  The houses I thought looked cuter were the ones with garage door windows and hardware!  It just dressed up the house…kind of like jewelry!
New garage doors, especially the ones with windows are OUT OF CONTROL expensive!  Plus, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my garage door.  So, I went looking for alternatives. 
The first thing I researched was faux painting them on…good idea in theory, but I am pretty sure they would look ridiculous, especially up close.  I wanted it to look nice enough up close…what if I needed to sell my house one day!
So, after a few days on the internet, I settled on Coach House Accents.  I found a great price on them on Amazon (I love Amazon).  A few days before I was going to buy the package, I was wondering through Home Depot, as I am want to do, and stumbled on a garage door hardware set (the little black arrow looking things and the pull) on sale for $7.99!  I snapped that right up, considering a set anywhere else ran well over $30!
The “windows” are simply plastic pieces that you screw into your existing garage door.  They come with little rubber pieces to screw in, too, so your door doesn’t rust where you drilled the holes.  One piece of advice – MEASURE!  I did not measure, because I am lazy.  The windows ended up being too short by about a half inch on both sides, but, being the lazy person that I am, I decided just to use them anyway.  I hate returning stuff.
They come to you like this:


 Here is a link to their website:  http://www.coachhouseaccents.com
And here’s a link to their Facebook page….my little house is on there!!!   http://www.facebook.com/coachhouseaccents?fref=ts
Putting them up is pretty easy!  All you will need is:
a ladder
a power drill
measuring tape
a level
whatever windows and hardware you want to use
a 15 year old boy (or someone you can convince to hold the windows up for you for a few minutes)
Then, all you have to do is follow the very easy directions (not like those directions you get when you are putting together something from WalMart that make you guess at about half of the steps).  When you are done, step back and admire your “new” ADORABLE garage door!  For the hardware, I just looked at pictures and kind of guestimated where I wanted them to go.
I WISH I had taken before pictures, but I didn’t….grrrr.  However, this is the after!  What do you think?  I love them!
garage door 2   Obviously, I should have washed the door first….so dirty….
Best of all, my neighbors came over and said, “Did you just install a new garage door all by yourself?”  HA!  I had to tell them…and they were amazed.  Even more amazing, my dad asked me how much I had to pay for that new garage door! HAHA!  He had to go up and touch around the edges to be convinced that they were just added on.

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