An Answer to Prayer and a New Home Office Part One- Carpet Squares!

photo(15)      EASY AS PIE carpet squares!

I have to share my awesome answer to prayer from my loving Heavenly Father.

It has been my dream to work from home…to sort of be a stay at home mom – but with income.  I have always wanted to have the flexibility to be able to attend things at my son’s school, to pick him up and have a snack ready, or not to worry about what I was going to do if he were sick.  God blessed me with a job that allows me to be home in the summer (as a teacher), but the school year always made me feel so guilty – putting my son in after-school, missing things that happened during the school day, and having to deal with all the dirty looks when I took the day off to be with my son when he was sick.

Well, my son is now 15, and God has blessed me with a stay at home job!  Thank you, Lord!!!  Some may feel this is too little too late, but I know my God, and He knows me.  I trust that His timing is perfect.  AND, as a teacher, I know that this is the age when kids REALLY need someone home after school…and do not need a stressed/tired parent that is just too exhausted to be all up in their business.

So, with the wonderful blessing from God given, I decided I better get my home office, which has basically been a “catch-all” room, in shape!

I love, love, love the new obsession with gray, and decided to jump on board!  I painted what was a very country blue room with a soft, light gray.  In the meantime, the cat decided he would use the corners and nooks and crannies of the room as a new litter box.  So, the first major project was pulling up the carpet.  (Trust me, I tried EVERYTHING!)

Being a single mom, I did not have the money to have it all replace, so I did the next best thing for only a few hundred dollars, all said and done!  Carpet Squares!  I bought them online at Home Depot after carefully reading the reviews.  The color was a tad darker than I would have liked, but I now realize that, too, was a blessing from God.  I notoriously slosh my coffee…and it does not show on this carpet! YAY!

They are EXTREMELY easy to put down.  You literally peel them and stick them to the floor.  Seriously.

However, there is a little prep work.  Once I pulled up and hauled out the stinky cat pee carpet, I treated the sub floor with bleach.  Three times.  Just to be sure.  It did the trick.

Next, I had to go around hammering down all the little nails that had popped up over the years, as well as any left over carpet staples.  Then, just to make sure the squares had a good surface to which to adhere, I painted the sub floor with primer.  It is 2 different colors because I just used whatever I found laying around the house…haha!


Then the easy/fun part came.  You just pull the backing off of the square and stick it on the floor!  I KNOW!  It does not feel super sticky, and you can rearrange it if you did something wrong, but after you put a lot of pressure on them, they are pretty well set.  (Although, you can pull them up if there is another cat emergency).  The only thing to watch is that the fibers from one square don’t get caught under another.  You have to finangle them around a bit.

photo(15)          photo(13)

You don’t even have to move the furniture out at one time!  As I finished one area, I would just put the furniture back in place…sort of scooted it around the room from one place to another!


This is the final product…and one of the delivery boxes.  If you look, you can see some lines…but they have completely disappeared now.  After a few vacuums and walking around on it, you would have no idea, at all, that these are a bunch of stick down squares.  I am thinking of going ahead and doing the upstairs hallway and the bedrooms with it!

Final Close-up

home office skirted table

That is a close up of the carpet…you cannot tell, at all, that they are squares…no lines anywhere!

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