Fun Weekend Art Project


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the words as art craze that is happening, and I thought I would like to add it to my dining room as part of the new update.  I am going from country to a little more sophisticated, and this white/black word art really fit the room!

The whole project cost me less that $50 (well, it actually cost ME a bit more than that because of a few mess ups that I will explain later…)  But, for about $45 dollars, you can get exactly what you want!

It is SO easy.  First, a little shopping….

1.  Large painter’s canvas from Hobby Lobby – I used the 40% off coupon, so it was about $19 – wow!

2.  Dollar Store flowers.  I bought WAY more that I needed.  To save money, figure out how much space you want to cover with the flowers.  I bought about 5 different flowers – WAY too many.  Oh…and ONLY buy the white ones if you don’t want to use a ton of spray paint.  It takes several coats to cover any flower that isn’t white.

3.  Spray paint!  Do NOT do what I did.  I am notoriously cheap, so I went with a different brand than my usual Rustoleum.  BIG mistake.  It just did not cover as well.  Definitely use Rustoleum.  I used the paint/primer kind – satin white.

4.  Some sort of words meant to stick on a wall.  I found mine at WalMart for a little less than $8.  They have an even bigger selection at Hobby Lobby.  Don’t get the giant kind…look for the smaller stuff.

Once you have everything gathered, put on some disposable gloves – your hands are going to be covered with spray paint!


First, pull the flowers off of their stems.  Then, lay the flowers on an old newspaper or a drop cloth.  Then, with gloves on, start spraying those babies.  They really do not take paint all that well, but if you give them a few minutes in between coats, it starts to really stick.  You will have to pick them up and move them around – even pulling apart petals, to really get everything covered.

Then, while they are still wet, put them on your canvas.  This eliminates the need to drag out the hot glue gun.  Position them just how you want them, then spray paint the canvas.  You can also go over the flowers a few more times.  Continue coating the canvas and the flowers until it looks about like this:


The flowers will stick to the canvas with all of the paint.  Let this dry overnight, but be sure to allow it to dry where there are no tiny bugs or any chance of dirt or dust being blown on it – otherwise you may find yourself doing a little light sanding and buying another can of paint (yes….that is what I did….)

Finally, when it is dry, you will take the words you want, follow the directions, and place them on your canvas.  Be sure to follow the directions…which I did not.  I ended up throwing away the whole set and buying a new one because I did not read carefully and could not figure out why they would not stick!

Once they are on there, you can hang your new work of art!  TA DA!!!!

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