Best DIY Purchase EVER!


The Bissell ProHeat 2X

I am not one to write companies about their products, either good or bad, but I am definitely going to write Bissell – it’s that good.

A few years back, a friend (thanks Jen) allowed me to borrow her Bissell when my sweet dog Molly tracked mud all over my carpet.  I fell in love with the machine! It worked, in my opinion, far better than anything I could rent.  Furthermore, I have been completely unimpressed with hiring companies to clean the carpet.  They usually rush the job and tell you that your carpet needs replace.  Well, I am too cheap to replace carpet until it is threadbare!

I have a house and a condo that I rent, and both are carpeted.  I cannot begin to tell you just how dirty the condo was after I rented to a 20 something guy that was not what you would call “clean”.  I actually hired a company that did a whole lot of nothing.  So, I took my trusty Bissell and went to work.  The carpet looked nearly new when I was finished.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would MUCH rather have laminate floors, and I plan to put down this as soon as I can afford it.  Build Direct has absolutely the best prices, and even when I was just “window shopping” their customer service was excellent.

Here is what I want….love it!


Caribbean Walnut – beautiful!  You can find it here: http://www.builddirect.com/Laminate-Flooring/Caribbean-Walnut/ProductDisplay_6951_p1_10074937.aspx

OK, back to the Bissell…

If you don’t mind a little elbow grease and you understand that the cleaning solution is a little pricey, you should definitely get one!  Here is a close up of the name. (Mine is several years old, so I am sure it has changed a bit.)


My carpet in my house is 10 years old, and has survived one boy, a dog who shed and pukes like no one’s business, and 1 cat who pukes when the dog does…so weird.  There are periodically stains on my carpet from one of those three beings.  So, about every 6  months, I pull out the steamer and get to work!

To show you just how amazing the Bissell is, let me show you a picture of a high dog traffic area…this is the path Molly runs to stand at the window and bark at nothing.

photo(37) It looks like new!!!  I wish so badly I had thought to take a before pic, but I ALWAYS forget to do that!  Trust me, the carpet was orange…yes orange.  I live in North Carlina, and we have red clay instead of normal soil (I grew up in West Virginia with lovely, fragrant black soil).  Once this is on Molly’s paws, it is tracked through the living room and into the dining room.  Perfect.  But, the Bissell really made it look as good as new!  (This are my son’s giant footsteps through the nice, clean lines of the carpet….thanks Ty.)

photo(38)It’s just amazing….10 year old, stained carpet looks lovely!

Anyway, just thought it was worth a shout out to the Bissell Pro Heat 2X!  I highly, highly recommend it!!!

OH!  Almost forgot – they have a great help site, in case you think something is wrong, like I did, but then realize that you forgot to turn the dial from “water rinse” to “clean”….yep.  Took me about 30 minutes of tinkering with it until I realized that…duh.


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