Easiest DIY Decoration – ever!


Easy Peasy!  (and cheap!)

I love fabric.  I have a friend, Kelly, who loves it just as much as I do.  We literally plan days to go walk through fabric shops.  All those colors, textures, patterns…..so many ideas!

Unfortunately, I have Waverly tastes on a bargain bin budget!

What’s a girl to do?  Well, I take the cheap and easy route!

The fabric I love ALWAYS is something like $30 a yard!  A YARD!  So, I wait for the sales or the coupons, then I buy….a yard.  For maybe $15 or $20 dollars, if I am feeling fancy.  If not, and they will do it, I buy half a yard….or I find some in the remnant bin.

Either way, you can always get a little taste of the newest fabrics in your home without breaking the bank!

Now, you may be in the fabric store, see an amazing fabric,  and think to yourself, “That fabric is GORGEOUS!  I MUST have it!  It will be so beautiful as new curtains in my dining room!  I will buy it!”  Then, you look at the price tag, do a little math, and realize that even on sale, this is going to cost you well over $200.  So, you cool your jets, as a tear slips from beneath your lashes and creates a sad path down your face.

Never fear!  You can have that fabric!  Just not for curtains!  Go get your curtains at Wal-Mart.  This lovely fabric will now be ART!  Yes, ART!

So, you buy just one lovely yard….you cradle it as you walk out of the store, and lay it gently in the car for the ride home.

When you get home, you rummage through the attic to find the pictures you bought years ago at someone’s yard sale.  They hung in your dining room once upon a time, but you have not used them since.  You didn’t want to ruin them, because they are still pretty, they just don’t go with the dining room make-over.

photo(61)old picture…

No problem!  You simply pop the canvas…OK, cardboard (these things were only $10 a piece) out of the frame.  Then, you carefully cut the fabric.  CAREFULLY!  You want each piece to match, and to fit over the existing canvasy cardboard thing.  You have the perfect pieces, then realize you have no idea how you are going to actually KEEP the fabric on.  You could hot glue it, but it could end up a disaster, and then everything would be ruined.

WAIT!  You’ve got it!  Painter’s tape!  (seriously?)  Well, that’s all you have on hand at the moment, and you are too impatient to either think of using anything else or run to the garage to get the staple gun.

photo(64)YAY, painter’s tape to the rescue!!!

So, you fold the fabric over the old picture and tape it on the back.  Ta-Da!  It works!  Hang it!

photo(65)          photo(59)photo(62)  EASY PEASY!!!!!

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