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My Sink! My Sink is in!!!


20160502_122856 (1)

I am kinda excited about my new sink.  It makes me happy each time I go to it, which is often!  And, to think….it only ran me about $110.00!  YEP!

As a single parent, I know that you know money is TIGHT!  However, I dearly love remodeling my home….bit by bit….on a pretty extreme budget.

I had been eyeing the Ikea Farmhouse sink for a longtime, but it was $300!!! I just did not have it.  What I did have, though, a few months later, was a $300 gift card for switching internet and cable providers.  Single moms, if you call back and forth between 2 providers, they will start handing you things like $300 gift cards – seriously!  Plus they will keep dropping their rates – it is time consuming to do, but totally worth it!

With the gift card, I spent only a few dollars out of pocket for tax…and I ordered my lovely, fancy faucet on Amazon for about $80!!!  Again, time consuming to shop around, but you can find great deals! This faucet from other dealers ran around$280-$300!  And yes, I carefully checked the reviews. LOL!  The sink is HUGE – that is a very large frying pan in there – and the goose neck on the faucet makes it even roomier!

20160502_122534 (1)


I also used something called Snappy Trap.  If you are new to under the sink plumbing, or if you are not, but you know the hassles that await you under there…especially when you install a new sink…you will LOVE it!  And no – I am not getting a penny to say this – I doubt they even know my blog exists…LOL!  But, I promise you, it will save you SO MUCH TIME, is far less likely to develop leaks, and , really, ended up being cheaper when I counted up the trips back and forth to Home Depot for another little piece of PVC pipe because the one I had did not quite work. (I literally spent an entire week doing just the under the sink plumbing in a rental I owned  – it was unbelievably frustrating.)  I think Snappy Trap runs about $25 on Amazon.

But, Single Christian Sisters, the thing that saved me the most money was the fact that I installed it myself! YEP! Now, you may say there is no way you could do it, but you CAN!!!! You may have to buy some tools, but they will not cost more than it would cost to have someone install the sink, AND, you keep those tools for your next DIY project!  I have amassed quite a collection of tools in my garage – I actually did not buy anything for this project.  However, you may need to – or, you can borrow!  Your church family would probably be willing to let you borrow a reciprocating saw (although you can probably get one for about $40), and any of the other tools you might need.

I am not going to give directions,because there are so many really good videos and tutorials out there – just Google and learn.  Watch them over and over until you feel somewhat comfortable.  Then, swallow your fear and go for it!  I kept my laptop next to me – you will inevitably run into all kinds of little rough spots and trouble, but you an simply Google it!  I also keep my Facebook page up – I have friends with handy husbands who are happy to give advice.

So…..give it a try!  If you want a new sink….or just a new faucet – do some comparison shopping – then DIY!  Let me know how it goes!


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