Teaching My Son About Sex and Marriage…

UGH – the whole sex thing.  It is not easy to give Biblical counsel in today’s society.  Nearly everything the Bible says about sex and marriage seems to go against the feelings of today. And, of course, being divorced myself, I can basically only be an “expert” on what NOT to do.  However, I know… Continue reading Teaching My Son About Sex and Marriage…


Your Maker is Your Husband

There are few Bible verses that have meant more to me in my life as a single mother.  Isaiah 54 was not written for the single parent or mother, but it was written as God showing his mercy, grace, love, protection, provision, and favor for His people. While it may not have been specifically written… Continue reading Your Maker is Your Husband

recipes for the busy mom!

Yummy, Easy, Summery, Fancy Ladies Lunch!

As you may well know, I am not a very good cook.  However, when I see something that looks relatively easy and does not have a bunch of weird ingredients, I will try it!  Thus, my own little version of the Caprice salad!   The other day, on Facebook, I saw a delicious looking Caprice… Continue reading Yummy, Easy, Summery, Fancy Ladies Lunch!


Easiest DIY Decoration – ever!

Easy Peasy!  (and cheap!) I love fabric.  I have a friend, Kelly, who loves it just as much as I do.  We literally plan days to go walk through fabric shops.  All those colors, textures, patterns…..so many ideas! Unfortunately, I have Waverly tastes on a bargain bin budget! What’s a girl to do?  Well, I… Continue reading Easiest DIY Decoration – ever!


Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Armoire…

I LOOOOOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! But wow!  It is ex-spen-sive!  I paid $38 for a quart….A QUART!  And $25 more for the wax.  They tried to sell me an overpriced “special brush”, but that was not happening… I have to say, though, the paint is worth the money… This is an armoire I bought… Continue reading Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Armoire…


Finally – The FREE Dresser is Complete!

The FREE Craigslist Dresser! I am a Craigslist stalker.  Really – I am obsessed,  People give away the BEST stuff!  If I only had a truck….  (My son will soon be 16…guess who’s getting a truck so he can help his mom pick up Craigslist freebies and go “yard saling” on trash day! This lovely… Continue reading Finally – The FREE Dresser is Complete!


Best DIY Purchase EVER!

The Bissell ProHeat 2X I am not one to write companies about their products, either good or bad, but I am definitely going to write Bissell – it’s that good. A few years back, a friend (thanks Jen) allowed me to borrow her Bissell when my sweet dog Molly tracked mud all over my carpet. … Continue reading Best DIY Purchase EVER!